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Take the Serotonin Imbalance Test

  Take the Serotonin Imbalance Test to see if you could benefit from a serotonin supplement.   



Serotonin Imbalance Test

This Serotonin Imbalance Test allows you to see if you have a serotonin imbalance condition, and to see if you would benefit from a serotonin supplement. It will also allow you to follow your progress while taking a serotonin supplement.

All of the Time
Most of the Time
Some of the Time


1. I feel stressed out
2. I have difficulty sleeping
3. I feel tired
4. I don’t enjoy things like I used to
5. I’m more irritable than I used to be
6. I don’t have as much energy
7. I’m not as involved with my family
8. I tend to worry about things
9. I feel tense and unable to relax
10. My heart races for no apparent reason
11. I experience mood swings
12. I feel frightened
13. I have nightmares
14. Being around other people bothers me
15. I have increased sensitivity to light, sound, or touch
1. I have cravings for chocolate and other sweets
2. I have cravings for carbohydrates like bread and pasta
3. I catch myself thinking about food
4. I eat more when I feel stressed out
5. I’m unhappy about my weight
6. I've had trouble sticking to diets in the past

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